Can I Use my Fire Pit During the Winter?

For homeowners with a custom fire pit from Done Right Landscape, you’ve had the benefit of staying warm throughout the fall with a beautiful piece. Now that it’s winter though, is it time to put your fire pit into storage? The short answer is no. Because our fire pits are made from quality and weather resistant materials, there is little to no maintenance necessary. Since New England weather… read more

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams?

With winter weather quickly approaching, the last think you’ll want to be doing is heading to your roof to clean out your gutters. If you wait too long to clean out your gutters, it can lead to ice dams, which can be damaging to your home. In colder environments, ice dams are very common if your gutters are not cleaned out in a timely manner. How Do Ice Dams Form? Ice Dams occur when snow has… read more

Things to Consider Before Installing a Fire Pit

Not only are fire pits a great addition for entertaining guests, they also make for an excellent backyard heat source in colder temperatures. With Thanksgiving coming up, what better way to keep warm as the turkey cooks than by snuggling up at your own fire pit? If you’re unsure where to begin, Done Right Landscape has a few things to consider! Basic Thoughts Are you looking for a permanent… read more

Don’t Make These Landscaping Mistakes This Fall

Fall is the best time to sit back and let mother nature do her thing. From the chillier temps to the beautiful leaves, now is the time to benefit from all that it offers you and your home. While fall is a gorgeous season, don’t make these landscaping mistakes that will leave you regretful in the spring. The process of landscaping gets broken down into two groups, soft and hard. Soft landscaping… read more

What Can I Use Synthetic Turf For?

We were first introduced to synthetic turf from the sports industry about 50 years ago, but there are many uses for it now other than for sports players. From cost-effectiveness to durability, the advantages of synthetic turf are quickly surpassing those of real grass. Synthetic turf is no longer only used for sports field. From dog parks to landscaping, synthetic turf is providing a safe spac… read more

Fall Lawn Care Tips

For homeowners, there’s nothing better looking than a green and healthy lawn in the spring. But to ensure you have that beautiful lawn, you need to continue with lawn care services during the fall. Many homeowners think that just because summer is over, they don’t need to do anything with their lawn. Follow Done Right Landscape’s fall lawn care tips to make sure you still have your… read more

Which Type of Fence Is Best for a Dog Friendly Yard?

Typically, homeowners with dogs think to make their home dog friendly, all they have to do is install a fence. While this is a great first step, there are other things to consider. You want to ensure you’re installing the right kind of fence, specific areas are fenced off and that any fenced in areas are safe for your dog! From wood to vinyl, there are various types of fences you can hav… read more

End of Summer Lawn Care Tips

As summer winds down, fall is slowly approaching and some homeowners see this as a time to put lawn care on the back burner. Because fall is full of cooler temperatures and the occasional rainfall, this is the perfect time to get your yard ready for spring. Typically, homeowners believe that their lawns don’t need as much care in the fall since the grass grows at a slower speed. This is… read more

Tips to Improve Your Patio

BBQ season is in full swing and while you may have a beautiful yard, how does your patio look? Spruce up your outdated patio with a more modern and open space. Done Right Landscape offers construction services to give you the patio you have always dreamt of! Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you redesign your patio. Choose to use pavers instead of a big piece of concrete. While pavers and… read more

Using Fences in Your Landscape

For homeowners, going about the installation of a fence can be a challenging landscape element. They’ll have their fence installed without any thought of the project and are left with results that are less than suitable. As you begin your fence project, think about the areas of your yard that need the most privacy and work, down to the areas that only need a little. This will help you narrow… read more


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