Much to everyone’s dismay here in New England, summer is slowly drawing to a close. I know, how upsetting! The nights are slowly growing darker earlier, and stores are beginning to roll out their fall lines while putting all summer items on clearance. It’s a sad time indeed, but summer isn’t over yet! There is still plenty of sun to soak up before fall season descends upon the land, in addition to getting some last minute lawn care in. We list five tips for taking care of your lawn in late summer, so read on to learn more!

1.) Sharpen the Blade of Your Mower

Mowing a lawn with a dull blade tears at the grass, causing ragged edges that provide ample opportunity for disease organisms to infiltrate. To keep this from happening, simply sharpen the blade of your mower on a regular basis. A freshly sharpened blade can last you for several future mows, not to mention there is always the option of opting for a second blade so you always have a honed one handy.

2.) Keep Watch on Your Dog

While dogs are a just like any other family member, they don’t exactly clean up after themselves, do they? Therefore, if you notice your dog taking a few bathroom liberties on the lawn, flush out the area with water to prevent any lawn damage. Urine can lead to dead spots on your grass, so introduce your dog to an appropriate area aside from your yard for them to go about their business. Also, do your best to stay on top of cleaning up waste Fido has left behind.

3.) Mow Grass at the Correct Height

In the summer months, it is important to adjust your lawnmower to keep your grass just a bit taller. Keeping the blades taller helps shade the soil, which in turn reduces water evaporation, lets the grass roots grow deeper, and prevents the seeds of weeds from germinating. While correct mowing height does vary with grass type, try to mow when you’re not removing more than one-third of grass height at a time.

4.) Leave the Clippings Behind

While it may look unsightly to some, leaving your grass clippings behind has several different benefits. Not only does it save you time cleaning them up, but the clippings also save you money on fertilizer. Fresh clippings yield seed heads that are viable for germination, therefore making them a valuable addition to lawn maintenance.

Summer isn’t over yet! Utilize these tips when caring for your lawn, and you’ll be setting your yard up for a healthy fall. Need more help? Contact the professionals at Done Right Landscaping! Call us at 781-858-8000, or fill out our online contact form!