Whether or not your patio is brand new for Summer 2020, adding extra elements can create a beautiful living space to spend your days. Your home may be one of the most prominent places of relaxation and entertaining these days, so make the most of it!

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting elements can add ambiance and style to your patio area. It is also essential for keeping a gathering going past dark. With plenty of options to choose from to fit your space’s design, lighting is an easy option for sprucing up any part of your yard for a fresh feel. Opt for string lights or even have some installed in the grass around the patio. Maybe search for a heat lamp that adds warmth and light on a chillier summer evening.

Fire Pit

Add a fire pit to your patio! This is another great way of entertaining and getting some heat when it’s chillier at night. There are so many options to choose from, so go shopping and find one that fits the style of your patio! Of course, there ways to build your own, but there’s a risk of burning your patio. Make sure you read up correctly on this if you choose the homemade option.

New Outdoor Furniture

Whether or not you have existing furniture for your patio, maybe it’s time to upgrade or change some pieces. Outdoor furniture tends to fade or fall apart after a few seasons of use. The best time to purchase new patio or outdoor furniture is towards the end of summer when items go on sale. If you are someone who entertains frequently, opt for more seating pieces than normal. This also depends on the size of your patio. Take a picture of your space before heading to the store so you can have a better idea of where you’ll fit these new pieces. Even if you’re just picking out a new table or small couch, adding something new can create a whole new look and feel.


Potted plants and flowers can make a huge difference in the look of your patio. Just a pop of color can make a space inviting and ready for summer. Even when the clouds are out on a dreary day, your patio will still shed some light. Opt for planters of various sizes and shapes to add visual interest. Along with flowers and plants for some added color, another inexpensive option is to place outdoor rugs and throw pillows to your seating. If you aren’t looking to purchase a whole new set of furniture, at least switching up the colors of cushions and pillows can make a world of difference.

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