Patios are a great gathering spot during the warmer months of the year. From having your morning coffee to hosting a barbeque on the weekends, patios are a versatile space for homeowners to enjoy!

Creates an Element of Design

Some people feel as though their backyard is lacking detail and uniqueness. Adding a patio can split up the “nature” side of a yard versus the relaxing sitting area. You may already have chairs and a table out in your yard, but making yourself a designated spot just for lounging and entertaining can make it more comfortable and visually appealing.


Once you get a patio installed in your yard, you’ll be the party house! Friends and family will want to be doing all the birthday and holiday celebrations on your new patio. Patios are an excellent option for homeowners who like to keep gatherings outdoors during the spring and summer. Cleaning up your house before and after entertaining can be a pain. You don’t have to worry about that if you have a designated spot outdoors!


Added Space

There are many ways to transform a patio into an alternate living space. From outdoor kitchens to fireplaces, adding a patio is sometimes equivalent to adding another room to your house. Kitchens get hot in the summer, and rather than cranking up the air conditioning, cook outdoors! A popular add-on to a patio is pizza ovens. These can be great for a Friday night family dinner. Transform your backyard into part of your house! You’ll feel like you have so much more room to live and spend time with friends and family.


Resale Value

If and when the time comes to sell your home, having a patio is a big selling point to those who want a significant outdoor living space. Yards can be a make or break for certain homebuyers. Your home will have added value to the price with a patio installed in your backyard. It is a great investment to make for yourself and for the resale value.


Winter Living Space

Being in New England, it is not possible to use an open, outdoor patio all year long. If you want to really get the full value of your space, winterize it! There are options to enclose a patio and add some outdoor heaters. Another great idea is to add a hot tub. They are great for cold winter nights when you still want to enjoy your patio.


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