If you’re looking for plants to brighten up your landscape without the hassle of intensive care and maintenance, plenty of great low-maintenance options are available. From drought-resistant succulents to tolerant annuals and perennials, these easy-care plants will help turn your yard into a beautiful oasis.


Succulents are a popular choice when it comes to landscaping with low-maintenance plants. These tough beauties often require little water and can easily withstand harsh environments.

Popular succulent varieties include cacti, aloes, agaves, jade plants, and sedums. They come in various shapes and sizes and make for excellent ground cover or eye-catching focal points in the garden.


Annuals are another great way to add color and interest to your landscape without worrying about maintenance chores. Many annuals love the sun but tolerate partial shade, making them an excellent option for many types of yards.

Hardy varieties such as marigolds, cosmos, geraniums, periwinkle, petunias, salvia, verbena, and zinnias are known for their easy care needs.


Perennials take some time to establish themselves but tend to be easier in the long run compared to annuals which need replanting each year.

Some popular choices known for their low-maintenance needs include daisies, coneflowers, daylilies, yarrows, and lavenders. Plus, they often attract birds and pollinators into the garden!


Trees provide added beauty and shade in a landscape setting and add value to a home. While trees need regular pruning to stay healthy, it’s still less work than keeping up with flowers or other ornamentals that require frequent replacement or deadheading throughout the season.

Easy-care trees include crape myrtles (which come in many colors), ginkgoes (which have beautiful fan-shaped leaves), oaks (long living & very tough), flowering dogwoods (delicate looking blooms), Chinese fringe trees (dramatic white fringe blooms).


Grasses are a great way to add texture and movement to a garden or yard. While they require regular trimming, it’s still much less work than having flowers that need frequent deadheading to look nice. Popular grasses include muhly grass (which has beautiful pink blooms), blue fescue (dense evergreen grass), and fountain grass (which has feathery foliage that sways in the breeze).

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These are just some low-maintenance plants that can be used in a landscape setting.

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