Fall is the best time to sit back and let mother nature do her thing. From the chillier temps to the beautiful leaves, now is the time to benefit from all that it offers you and your home. While fall is a gorgeous season, don’t make these landscaping mistakes that will leave you regretful in the spring.

  • The process of landscaping gets broken down into two groups, soft and hard. Soft landscaping refers to things that are alive and can be planted. Hardscaping is sidewalks, driveways and pavers positioned around your home. Don’t forget about your hardscaping! Keep these areas clean throughout the fall and winter by power washing them.
  • If your home’s siding or exterior color is lacking excitement, add a pop of color and texture with window or plant boxes. These are especially perfect for homes with smaller lawns, but are still looking to add some greenery.
  • While fall leaves are beautiful, don’t get caught up in the beauty and forget that they need to be raked throughout the season. Fallen leaves can hide sidewalks or leave their slippery mark causing harm to pedestrians. To avoid any potential accidents, make sure to be raking your leaves weekly.
  • Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean you should forget about the maintenance that your pool still requires. Keep up with adding the chemicals that it requires and removing any leaves or debris.
  • Often, homeowners think that just because it’s getting colder and their lawn isn’t growing as fast that they don’t need to keep up with lawn care. Things like fertilizing and lawn cutting are still just as important because it will help to prevent any damage to your lawn during the winter.
  •  When it comes to spring flowers, fall is the perfect time to start thinking about them! Speak with someone at a local nursery or a professional landscaping company to see which bulbs you should be planting now.
  • While the fall foliage will make your home and lawn pop with color, there are other ways to achieve this once all the leaves have been raked up. Show off your evergreen trees with a beautiful backdrop of mulch.

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