Effective Weed Practices for Your Yard

If you were into gardening, you would know that weeding is the most time-consuming part of gardening. When you first start gardening, weeding seems very satisfying, but when time passes, weeding becomes hectic. You will be shocked to know that you can take simple measures and save yourself from weeding forever. Weed is a natural process of plants healing themselves, but most gardeners will not agree with that. Gardeners avoid weeds because it ruins the look of their garden.

Weeding by Hand

Some people see weeds as meditation, and some people do it as a chore. But if you have a garden, you need to make sure that you weed regularly. Some people remove the weed from the top, but you need to make sure that you remove them from the inside. Once you do it regularly, you will notice that the number of weeds keep decreasing with time.

Squeezing the Weed

When you pull the weed out, make sure that you press the end. Squeezing will ensure that there is very little space to grow weeds, and lesser space means lesser weeds. Crowding your garden will also help you with getting rid of weeds. If you plant more trees, the shade will help in the prevention of weeds.

Burn the Weeds

Cover the area of your garden, which grows the most amounts of weeds with thick plastic. When the sun comes up, the weeds will burn on their own. Make sure that you have no grass in the spot where you put the plastic sheet, or you will end up burning the grass too. The weed turning brown is your indication that weeds are deteriorating.

Right Amount of Food

Feed your plant as much food as they need. Many gardeners water and fertilize their plants too often. The weeds then consume excess food. If you feed your plant appropriately, the weed will have no food to eat, and it would not grow.

Final Feedback

Everybody has different views on weeding. Some gardeners find it exhausting, and some find it relaxing. Nevertheless, we all know that weeds are not suitable for your garden. They harm the aesthetics of your garden. There are several ways of getting rid of weeds. If you do not want to go for traditional methods, you can go for non-chemical methods like using vodka, mulch, corn gluten meal, vinegar and salt, and many other remedies to kill weeds.

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