For homeowners, there’s nothing better looking than a green and healthy lawn in the spring. But to ensure you have that beautiful lawn, you need to continue with lawn care services during the fall. Many homeowners think that just because summer is over, they don’t need to do anything with their lawn. Follow Done Right Landscape’s fall lawn care tips to make sure you still have your beautiful lawn come the spring!

I think most residents of New England will agree that a sheet of colorful fall leaves is beautiful and fun to play in, but unfortunately, they’re not great for your grass! A lawn full of leaves prevents sunlight from reaching it and can trap moisture, which can be fatal for your grass. As the leaves start to fall, rake or blow them off of your lawn as frequently as you can. If any leaves are left behind, we can guarantee your grass will be damp and decaying once spring arrives.

Cooler weather is here, time to put the lawn mower away, right? Don’t store your mower just yet. Your lawn’s grass will continue to grow up until we experience the first hard frost so you’ll need to continue mowing it. Ideally, grass should be kept between 2 ½-3 inches in height. When grass is too long, it becomes susceptible to fungus like snow mold.

Come fall, we see a lot of homeowners not watering their lawns as much because they figure Mother Nature will take care of that. While it does rain more in the fall, it might not be getting to the roots to keep your grass hydrated throughout the winter. To ensure your lawn is getting at least an inch of water a week, keep your sprinklers going until the end of October.

We recommend applying a layer of slow-release granular 24-0-10 fertilizer to ensure grass is getting the energy to bounce back in the spring. 24-0-10 represent the percentage of weight of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Potassium is a key factor because it helps with droughts, root growth, protects against diseases and cold resistance.

A thick lawn is a great way to protect your lawn from weeds so be sure to over seed your grass. This will fill in any spare spots that your lawn might have. Over seeding in the fall is great because while the ground is warm, the nights are cooler and the sun is not as warm during the day.

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It’s best to complete all of these steps at the right time to ensure you receive the best results. The best way to do that is to hire a professional landscaping company. Done Right Landscape understands that life gets in the way and it can be difficult to make sure everything gets done on time. Our full service landscaping company offers various lawn care service throughout the fall! To schedule any one of our services, contact us at 781-858-8000 or fill out our online contact form.