It’s finally here, people! The spring season has arrived even if it’s still finding its seasonal legs. It may not be warming up just yet, but the springtime is one of the best times of the year to run some maintenance on your lawn. Get your yard fully prepared for spring and the upcoming summer months with some of our tips, read on!


Choosing to fertilize your property in the spring can help drag it out of its winter slumber. Not only that, but it provides your lawn with enough nutrients that it gives it the strength it needs to withstand heat stress in the summer months, as well as drought.

Clean Up

Once the threat of snow has passed, give your lawn a good look over. It’s amazing what can accumulate in our yards throughout the winter. So, do your best to remove any debris that may have found its way into your yard and rake up any matted down areas of lawn you may find. The latter is especially important for discovering snow mold. By raking these matted down patches, you’re encouraging airflow throughout the grass which will help prevent disease and insect infestation. Doing this also allows new grass to grow with no hindrance.

Protect from Weeds

It would be wise to apply pre-emergent crabgrass control early on in the spring. Timing is everything as this weed control must be applied to your soil before temperatures have the chance of reaching roughly 60 degrees. If you fail to apply before the temperature reaches 60 degrees, know that the pre-emergent will no longer be effective because the crabgrass seeds have already begun to germinate by that point in time. Once the seeds have germinated, crabgrass can be incredibly hard to get rid of.

These are just a few of the things you can do this spring to help prepare your lawn for the beautiful months ahead. Take advantage of time and utilize these tips sooner rather than later. If you require extra assistance with your property this spring, contact Done Right Landscape. Call us at 781-858-8000 or fill out an online contact form!