Getting Your Yard Ready For Early Fall

Are you starting to think about packing up the patio furniture and preparing your yard for the end of summer? As we get closer to September and the fall season, now is the time to work on your yard and get some end-of-summer maintenance done. Also, don’t forget to prep your garden for fall vegetables! As you start speculating about what’s to come, here are three tips and tasks to keep in mind:

Trim branches and bushes

Surely, some of your trees and plants have thrived since spring, making for a beautiful yard this summer. But before fall arrives, trim any overgrown spots, or any branches that don’t look healthy enough. Doing this can help them grow back stronger next year, which means fewer leaves to clean up as the weather turns colder!

Mow the lawn

Mowing your lawn through summer and fall is a smart idea, even when the grass starts to grow slowly. Keep your lawnmower handy! This is also the perfect time to rake any leaves that are falling early and fertilize your lawn. You should be adjusting your watering schedule as the temperatures begin to cool off, and precipitation may become more prevalent.

Plant your fall garden

Ther are many flowers and plants that grow well and thrive during the fall. You can read up on some great garden resources online or visit a local nursery to find out what plants will bloom with bright fall colors in come September and October. You can also plant a fall vegetable garden this month. Carrots, arugula, kale, broccoli, and beets are all vegetables that can thrive in fall temperatures. It’s great to have readily-available produce in your backyard!

Water At The Right Time

The morning is the best time to water grass in the summer. If you choose to water your lawn during the middle of the day, you may encounter evaporating water that never satisfies your thirsty grass. Water at night can lead to stagnant water remaining on the surface, which may result in various issues.

Aerate Your Yard

Soil compacts in your yard due to a lot of sunlight. Sadly, this also means that the grass will face problems getting water, air, and nutrients. If you need a way to loosen this soil, aerating your lawn is the best option. This will allow crucial elements to reach the roots of the grass.

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