How Color Theory Using Flowers Can Strengthen Your Curb Appeal

Whether or not you are looking to sell your home, having excellent curb appeal makes your home look more enticing to anyone walking down your street. Besides choosing a color for your home’s exterior that fits well with the neighborhood you’re situated in, making a color palette within your landscape can enhance the look of your property. Using more than one color flower in your yard can create a beautiful array of design to have your home looking its best in the warm months of spring and summer.

White Flowers

White flowers are perfect to match almost any home’s exterior and add a clean and crisp look. These can be a great option to help a brightly colored home pop! If you choose to have white flowers planted outside your neutral-colored home, opt to add red mulch to make the plantings stand out from the siding. White flowers you could use include lily of the valley, delphinium, and vinca.

Red Flowers

According to big brands, red is a color associated with excitement and aura. Red is a perfect color to complement a white or grey home by adding a big pop of color. Many homeowners stay away from brightly colored siding and opt to add their color elsewhere. What better place to use that bright of color than with flowers? They add exciting and energetic curb appeal. Flowers that are perfect to fit your red theme include roses, zinnia, and pentas.

Blue Flowers

Blue is known as a cool, calming color. Like white flowers, blue flowers can be used against many siding colors and tend to tone down brightly colored homes. It’s sometimes a challenge to find blue hues that are softer, rather than getting close to more of a violet color. Some options include forget-me-nots or morning glory.

Yellow Flowers

Yellow is always known as a bright and cheerful color! It excites the eye and puts most in a cheerful mood. Having yellow flowers planted against homes with grey or cool blue siding is a great way to catch the eye of everyone walking by. The attention-grabbing color helps a home stand out from the crowd. Some yellow options include marigolds or daffodils.

Purple Flowers

Purple was once only known as a color of royalty, but this reputation has somewhat stuck. Because purple is composed of a mix between blue and red, it is a color that is warm or cool, depending on the backdrop. Make your yard stand out from the crowd! Purple is another eye-catching choice that will get your yard ready for spring and summer. Some purple options to have planted at your home are hydrangea, liatris, and wisteria. In all, using a mix of colorful plantings will keep your yard looking fresh and inviting all season long!

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