How To Identify Different Lawn Diseases

If you’re a homeowner that takes pride in your lawn, it can be upsetting when your yard starts to look sick. If your lawn is patchy, turning brown, or not growing, there may be a chance your property has a lawn disease. Lawn diseases are very common, especially in areas of the country where the summer heat and sun make it difficult for lawns to grow. You can usually get an idea of what type of lawn disease your home has by the lawn’s appearance, the grass’s color, and the size and color of the patches in the grass. The most common types of lawn diseases are:


Fungus is a common problem for homeowners. Many fungi can invade your lawn, so it is best to consider hiring a professional landscaper to identify and treat the issue. But if you see round bald patches in your lawn that seem to multiply quickly, especially after it has rained, then you most likely have a lawn fungus that needs to be treated.

Brown Patch

Brown patch is a lawn disease caused by a fungus, but this disease is very easy to spot. If your lawn has brown patch disease, you will notice circular or oval brown patches in your yard that can be up to eight feet wide. The grass on the edges of the circle will be wilted, bent or broken. Brown patch typically occurs in the fall or spring. If you have a brown patch, you will need a professional to aerate your lawn and treat it with a fungicide.

Dollar Spot

Dollar spot is the most common lawn disease across the country. Typically dollar spot appears in the late spring or the early summer when the weather is starting to warm up. Dollar spot is common in lawns in drought areas, so if you live in a dry place with hot summers, you have a high risk of developing dollar spot. You will know that your lawn has dollar spots if you see small round brown patches in the grass up to four inches in diameter. These patches usually have a yellow halo around them, and the grass outside the halo will be wilted and broken. A professional can treat dollar spot with a fungicide, but you will need to use fertilizer and take care to keep the lawn watered to get the lawn to grow lush again.

Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring is distinctive because it causes mushrooms to grow inside large brown patches that are often several feet wide. Fairy rings may look like a brown patch because they are similar, but Fairy Ring is the only lawn disease that causes mushrooms to grow on the lawn.

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