How to Prep Your Garden for Fall

Believe it or not, taking inventory of your garden at the end of the growing season can tell you a lot about how your garden did throughout the warmer months. Take a look at each section and plant to assess how you did. This can really help you begin to prepare for next spring and help you decide what you did well and what you can do better next time around. This is one of the best ways to learn more about your own capabilities as a gardener.

Prepare Your Garden

Go through your whole landscape and weed, dead, and start to thin out your overgrown plants. You may also want to dig up bulbs that won’t be useful for winter and remove annuals that are past their prime. If you’re using ties, you might want to replace them with twine as the natural fibers are much easier on the stems of the plants.

Add Mulch if Needed

As you go through your garden, you’ll also want to see which areas are low on soil for certain plant areas. Once you determine which areas could use extra mulch, spread it evenly throughout, making sure not to overcrowd any plants.

Check for Diseases

Make sure to look for any plants that look weak or sick and get attention to them as soon as possible. As September rolls around, diseased plants need extra care and attention.

Replace Old with New

If you’ve still got summer annuals in your garden, consider replacing your window boxes or garden beds with flowers that are more accustomed to cooler temperatures. You can also remove any annual bulbs that are past their prime.

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