How To Prepare Your Lawn For The Winter

Winter will soon be here, so now is the time to ensure your lawn is prepared for whatever the season may hold. This article will help you prepare and preserve your yard, making it ready for winter.

Lawn Preparation

Preparing your lawn should take place when the weather starts to cool. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. Allow these tips to guide you on how to get your garden and garden bed ready for the winter seasons ahead:

Clean The Lawn

Leaving leaves and debris on your grass over winter makes a perfect environment for snow mold to grow in. Moreover, if left unclean, the debris can get piled up, meaning extra work for when spring comes around.

Remove Weeds

Use a hand weeder, bucket, spade, and fork to patrol your grass. Eliminate all visible weeds and roots. Pulling weed is essential to ensure your plant is healthy enough to welcome winter.

Mow The Lawn

Taller grass is more susceptible to snow mold. A low cutting of your grass allows the top grass to grow healthier in the spring. It also keeps it greener throughout the winter. The cutting should be done in mid to late November, depending on the weather conditions.

Aerate The Soil

Aerating the soil refers to opening up the soil to let the air and nutrients reach the roots of the plants. You can aerate the soil by buying an aerator or by wearing spiky shoes and walking on top of the grass to let air through the soil. The soil must be wet, and you should walk in areas where the grass is patchy.

Fertilize For Winter

Applying fertilizer is essential to ensuring your plants survive through winter and bloom successfully when fall comes. Ensure that the fertilizer is put in after two weeks from the first aeration and last mowing before the weather is colder and the ground is freezing.

Keep Pets Outside

Until the new grass has taken root, try to keep people and dogs away from the area. Since moisture levels are often higher at this time of year, you generally won’t need to water as frequently, but keep an eye on it and water if it seems like it might dry up.

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Prepare your plants for winter because the chilly season threatens their survival. Ensuring these procedures are followed correctly enables your grass to look its best for spring. For expert guidance on maintaining your lawn or garden and safeguarding it from various natural hazards, get in touch with Done Right Landscape right now.