Winter is on its way! Don’t let all your hard work from the summer go to waste. It’s time to prepare your yard for the cold months ahead. When spring rolls around again, you want to have a good base to start with when it comes to landscaping. Here are some ways to prepare your yard for this coming winter:

Knowing When to Mow Your Grass

Mowing your grass around every two weeks until all the leaves are on the ground will keep it healthy and short. This will help keep the grass from being suffocated by leaves. A good length to have your grass be at for the winter is about 3/4 of an inch for New England climates. It’s shorter than what it would typically be during the summer.

Winterize Your Irrigation

During the fall, your grass doesn’t need as much water as it does during the summer and late spring. Watering your lawn can cause your grass to freeze as the temperatures drop. Be sure to winterize your irrigation system and give your grass a break from watering. It will keep it healthier and happier.

Start Some Compost

If you want a compost pile for the next spring, the time to start is now! When you begin your yard clean-up before the winter, gather some of the debris lying around. This can be dry leaves, dirt, food scraps, etc. This compost will help your plants and flowers thrive come springtime!

Preventing Mosquitos From Spending Time in Your Yard

During the fall, many people think mosquitos are gone for the year. They’re wrong! When you are caring for your yard, check and make sure you don’t have any stagnant water. Mosquitos are attracted to it. It can collect in piles of leaves, birdbaths, and flower pots. Empty it all to avoid having an abundance of mosquitos living in your yard. You don’t want these pests around!

Don’t Touch Snow

If you have an early snowfall this year, don’t try to move the snow off of grass or flower beds. The snow will protect your grass and flower beds from cold winds and other weather. It becomes a source of insulation to keep them safe. If you try to shovel certain areas, the grass may not grow back correctly in the spring. Only shovel and plow your driveway, walkways, and patios. Avoid touching anything that grows!

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