How to Protect Your Grass from Summer Challenges

Summertime is filled with an amazing environment that allows your lawn to thrive beautifully. You get to experience the bright sun, warm weather, and afternoon showers that form the allure of this season. However, it could also be filled with equal challenges for your lawn. High temperatures can cause your grass to dry out and even lead to some lawn diseases. This article touches on certain types of lawn diseases you might experience during the summertime. It also discusses the various ways you can protect your grass from summertime challenges. Let’s get into it!

Types of Lawn Diseases

Some lawn diseases your grass could encounter during the summertime include:

Leaf Spot Lawn Disease

This is a fungal disease that causes grasses to rot, thin out, and eventually die. This disease features small brown or purple oval-shaped dots on the leaves of your grass. Some major causes of this include unhealthy watering habits, high levels of nitrogen in the soil, and so on.

Summer Patch Lawn Disease

This is also a fungal disease. However, this particular one is rooted in the soil. It appears as large, browned rings of dead grass surrounding healthy ones. This is caused by excessive watering of the soil, ineffective drainage, and unusually high temperatures

Dollar Spot Lawn Disease

This fungal disease is usually characterized by small yellow or tan patches of dead, waterlogged grass in your lawn. This disease is mainly caused by high levels of nitrogen in the soil and excessive layers of dead grass.

How To Protect Your Grass From Summer Challenges

Here are some of the ways you can protect your grass from summer challenges:

Adopt Healthy Watering Habits

It’s not enough to water your grass, you must also do it the right way. This involves soaking your grass during dry spells, watering in the morning, and avoiding using hot water or watering in the rain.

Remove Weeds

Weeds compete with healthy grass for space and nutrients in the soil. In most cases, the weeds are stronger, and they win. Over time, you start to see more weeds than healthy grass. To avoid this, be sure to remove weeds as soon as you spot them.

Maintain A Longer Grass

Keeping your grass longer protects it from high temperatures. How? Longer grass equals longer roots, which can reach more moisture in the soil. So, even when the weather is hot and dry, this grass won’t dry out quickly.

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