How to Revive Dead Grass

A lush, green lawn is an important part of good curb appeal. Dead grass removes curb appeal and makes your property look dull. Luckily, you don’t have to live with dead grass forever. You can take multiple steps to revive dead grass and bring life back to your lawn! Reviving dead grass is the easiest during the springtime, so there’s no time like the present to start transforming your lawn.

Remove Weeds

An overabundance of weeds can smother grass out. One of the best things you can do to revive your grass is to minimize the weeds, giving the grass more space to grow. Weed removal can be done manually by pulling the weeds or on a larger scale using a spray that kills weeds. If your lawn is infested with weeds and you’re unsure where to start, hiring a professional company is your best bet. They’ll know what types of treatments will work best not only to remove the weeds but to keep them gone.

Till the Soil

If there’s just one patch of dead grass, tilling the soil is an excellent way to revive it. Tilling the soil brings more air and water into the space, which promotes healthy grass growth. Tilling before planting new grass seeds will make it easier for the seeds to root and grow. Tilling can be done by hand or machine, depending on how much space needs to be tilled.

Reseed the Lawn

An obvious solution to dead grass is adding new grass seed. There are many types of grass seed to address different concerns, such as weeds or dead grass from pets going to the bathroom on your lawn. Planting grass seeds is more complex than just throwing the seeds on the ground. The time of year, watering, and fertilizing are all critical factors. You’ll see the best results when reseeding your lawn if you consult a lawn care professional before seeding.

Test the Soil

If you’ve tried multiple things but still can’t seem to revive dead grass, try testing the soil. The grass won’t grow well if the soil doesn’t contain enough phosphorus. You can add special fertilizers to your soil that increase phosphorus levels and promote new grass growth. A landscape company can assist in getting a sample of your soil, testing it, and treating your lawn accordingly.

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