While summer is nearing to an end, it isn’t time to shut down your irrigation system just yet, but it is certainly something you should start to think about as October can roll around quite fast. When it comes to prepping your irrigation system for winter, you can opt to do it yourself, or get a professional to come take care of the process. There are pros and cons to each option, but overall the process is generally the same. If you do choose to winterize on your own, you will need to purchase or rent an air compressor.

What is Winterization?

Irrigation system winterization is an important part of maintaining your system. When water freezes, it expands and becomes less dense. This expansion in volume can cause your irrigation tubing to burst underground, which can be a real hassle (and costly) repair to do later on. Winterization removes all the water from the system and saves energy throughout the colder months.

Step 1: Turn Off The Water

This is the crucial first step, you’ll need to turn off the water to begin to clear out all the tubing underground, as well as the sprinkler heads. If need be, you can continue to run the system until no more water comes out before you begin blow-outs.

Step 2: Prepare The Air Compressor

You’ll need to connect the air compressor to your system, make sure there is a secure fit between the compressor and the irrigation system

Step 3: Start Up The Blow Out

Start up the air compressor, and make sure that the compressed air is going into your system at the right pressure and volume. Too much pressure can potentially damage the tubing or the sprinkler heads.

Step 4: Prepare Backflow Valves

Open and close your backflow preventer valves to ensure that all the water is evacuated properly through the system. This will ensure that when freezing temperatures roll around, there won’t be any water in the tubing to freeze and cause damage.

Step 5: Shut Off Controller

You can now turn off your irrigation system controller and take out the battery. Your system is successfully winterized and ready for next year.

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If all of this seems a little complicated, you’re not alone. Most everyone opts to have an experienced professional complete their shut down/winterization service, especially because it saves you the hassle of obtaining an air compressor. If you’re in need of winterization services this season, give us a call at 781-858-8000 or contact us here for more information.