Landscaper In Lynnfield, MA

Landscaping Services In Lynnfield, MA

Located in Essex County, Lynnfield is a beautiful suburb just north of Boston. With spacious properties and easy access to the city, it is an ideal spot for families that want a residential feel with the perks of being close to Boston. If you need assistance maintaining your landscape in Lynnfield, you can count on Done Right! We’ve been serving the Middlesex and Essex Counties for more than 30 years and take great pride in our work. Learn more about the different landscaping services we offer in Lynnfield below.

Design Build & Construction in Lynnfield, MA

If you dream of a stone patio by the pool to sunbathe on or want to add a water feature or a retaining wall to your landscape, we can do it all! Done Right specializes in design-build and construction for both residential and commercial properties. We can do walkways, asphalt driveways, concrete work, and more. Check out a full list of construction services here.

Landscaping Services

Fences, Floriculture & More

The finishing touches of a landscape, such as adding a pop of color with floriculture or marking off your property with a fence, are usually what set your landscape apart. Combined with a beautifully manicured green lawn, shrubbery, and intricate design, these finishing touches make your landscape come alive. We can plant a variety of annuals and perennials and install your aluminum, wood, or vinyl fence.

Hardscaping Services

Property Maintenance in Lynnfield, MA

Make sure your yard looks great all the time! In Lynnfield, Massachusetts, Done Right Landscape is pleased to offer landscape maintenance services. Our experts will keep your property looking tidy and green, from mulching to shrub care! Use flower beds and mulch to provide some color, or use sod or hydroseeding to introduce new grass. Your Stoneham yard will be the talk of the neighborhood thanks to the work of our experts. We take great pride in offering the best maintenance services to areas north of Boston by using the best landscaping equipment available. Done Right offers you several options to design the ideal, tranquil outdoor area for yourself.

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