4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Patio This Summer

4 Ways to Freshen Up Your Patio This Summer

Whether or not your patio is brand new for Summer 2020, adding extra elements can create a beautiful living space to spend your days. Your home may be one of the most prominent places of relaxation and entertaining these days, so make the most of it! Lighting Fixtures Lighting elements can add ambiance and style to your patio area. It is also essential for keeping a gathering going past dark. read more

Importance of Weed Control

Weeds are annoying and unwanted plant growths in a cultivated patch or area of grass. Many types of weeds can grow in your yard; however, classifying plants into weeds may involve several factors. While in some areas of the world, individual plants may be categorized as weeds, they may be allowed to grow in others. Controlling weeds in your yard can be a hassle, but to preserve your other plants,… read more

How Color Theory Using Flowers Can Strengthen Your Curb Appeal

Whether or not you are looking to sell your home, having excellent curb appeal makes your home look more enticing to anyone walking down your street. Besides choosing a color for your home’s exterior that fits well with the neighborhood you’re situated in, making a color palette within your landscape can enhance the look of your property. Using more than one color flower in your yard can create a… read more

5 Reasons to Add a Patio to Your Yard

Patios are a great gathering spot during the warmer months of the year. From having your morning coffee to hosting a barbeque on the weekends, patios are a versatile space for homeowners to enjoy! Creates an Element of Design Some people feel as though their backyard is lacking detail and uniqueness. Adding a patio can split up the “nature” side of a yard versus the relaxing sitting area. You may… read more

Tips for Effective Weed Control

If you tracked every hour spent in your yard or garden, you would probably find that you do an excessive amount of weeding. While the first few weeks of ripping out these grass intruders can prove mildly satisfying, the chore soon wears thin. Even more annoying—you are just six simple strategies away from your garden, not needing weeds anymore. Weeds are nature’s healer for areas that are in… read more

Getting Your Irrigation System Ready for Spring

Spring is here, and it’s the time of year when you refresh, replenish and rejuvenate. That can mean bringing new life to your garden and lawn by having the irrigation system take care of it all. Flowers, trees, and grass need a combination of water and sunshine to flourish in warm weather. Spring is the time when you want blooming flowers and vibrant green lawns that can make spring come to lif… read more

Getting to Know Your Grass Type

Before getting anything for your house, you need to make sure that you get it according to your climate. No matter if you are getting grass. There are various kinds of grass. Different kinds of grass have different living requirements and conditions to grow well. Some require more water, and some require very less. If you get the wrong grass for yourself, it will not grow, or the grass will not… read more

Effective Weed Practices for Your Yard

If you were into gardening, you would know that weeding is the most time-consuming part of gardening. When you first start gardening, weeding seems very satisfying, but when time passes, weeding becomes hectic. You will be shocked to know that you can take simple measures and save yourself from weeding forever. Weed is a natural process of plants healing themselves, but most gardeners will not… read more

5 Gardening Resolutions for 2020

New year, new you, too! But you can also take this opportunity to improve things other than just yourself. Maybe you should start with your yard. If you can work on some outdoor projects, maybe starting a garden or maintaining an old one can be a start. If one of your plans for 2020 is to eat healthy, working on a garden can help you with that, too! Eating your own home-grown veggies can be great… read more

Protecting Your Fence in the Winter

Protecting Your Fence in the Winter

Your beautiful wood fence is definitely durable but the cold winter can get to it. The combo of snow and wind can do some damage to even the sturdiest structures if they aren’t prepared well enough. Preparing for the winter can save you time and money in the end, even if you think your fence can withstand the elements. Location of Your Fence Make sure your fence isn’t situated too close to t… read more


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