3 Reasons to Landscape Your Yard

Summertime is all about getting outdoors. Sometimes, though, an unsightly yard can keep family and friends from coming around to visit. Unless you’re the type of person who enjoys being lonely in their yard all summer, perhaps it’s time to consider getting your property landscaped. Landscaping is so much more than just keeping your lawn looking neat, too. In fact, there are several benefits… read more

How Can I Get My Lawn Ready for Summer?

With the summer weather finally here, our days are filled with warm temperatures and sunny days! While most Boston residents are enjoying the change in weather, it can also cause an unhealthy-looking lawn. Done Right Landscape has put together a few suggestions on how you can keep your lawn looking green and healthy all summer long! To keep your lawn looking nice and neat, you typically want to… read more

2017 Best of the Best Landscaping Service

Done Right Landscape is honored to have been recognized and voted 2017 Best of the Best Landscaping Service for the town of Woburn, MA. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to all the residents and businesses in Woburn, MA and surrounding towns for recognizing Done Right Landscape and voting us 2017 Best of the Best Landscaping Service! I am truly honored and humbled to… read more

What Should I Include in My Backyard Patio?

With temperatures finally rising, it can only mean one thing for Massachusetts, it’s grilling time! What’s better than getting together with family and friends in the backyard for good food and drinks? Doing it on your new backyard patio! When you install a stone patio, not only do they require less maintenance, but they’re very versatile. Done Right Landscape is happy to work with you on… read more

Backyard Hardscaping Ideas

With the warmer weather finally showing up in New England, Done Right Landscape is getting ready for another spring season of landscaping. Our team of expert landscapers are ready to help homeowners with all of their needs, including hardscaping. For Boston area homeowners who are unsure where to begin, we’ve got a few hardscape ideas to transform your yard. As a homeowner, you want to be ab… read more

Spring Cleanup Tips

Contrary to the weather we have been experiencing lately, Spring is, in fact, here! While we may not be experiencing the constant warmth that comes with Spring, it is a good idea to start to get your yard ready. If you missed your Fall cleanup, you will defiantly need a Spring cleanup. Below are a few ways you can get your yard prepared for the upcoming warmer weather! If you didn’t get a Fa… read more

Improve Your Backyard with a Fire Pit

While we may still be getting hit hard with snow, it doesn’t mean that you can’t think of ways to improve your backyard! One of the most fun ways you can do this is by adding a fire pit. When you add this element to your yard, you create a dramatic point that enjoyed year-round! Whether you buy a portable pit or you have one built in, you’re guaranteed a place to gather around or relax. For… read more

Improving Your Yard This Year

With the new year here, most of our resolutions end up being to better ourselves, but why not make a few home improvement resolutions? Whether it’s improving your home’s curb appeal or creating a more family friendly space, let’s stick to that resolution! If you’re in need of help sticking to these home improvement resolutions, Done Right Landscape is the company for you! For homeowners… read more

Can I Use my Fire Pit During the Winter?

For homeowners with a custom fire pit from Done Right Landscape, you’ve had the benefit of staying warm throughout the fall with a beautiful piece. Now that it’s winter though, is it time to put your fire pit into storage? The short answer is no. Because our fire pits are made from quality and weather resistant materials, there is little to no maintenance necessary. Since New England weather… read more

How Can I Prevent Ice Dams?

With winter weather quickly approaching, the last think you’ll want to be doing is heading to your roof to clean out your gutters. If you wait too long to clean out your gutters, it can lead to ice dams, which can be damaging to your home. In colder environments, ice dams are very common if your gutters are not cleaned out in a timely manner. How Do Ice Dams Form? Ice Dams occur when snow has… read more


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