Your beautiful wood fence is definitely durable but the cold winter can get to it. The combo of snow and wind can do some damage to even the sturdiest structures if they aren’t prepared well enough. Preparing for the winter can save you time and money in the end, even if you think your fence can withstand the elements.

Location of Your Fence

Make sure your fence isn’t situated too close to the road. Plows can drive right into it during a snowy day, especially when most of the fence is blocked by snow. If your fence is close to your driveway, make sure to shovel a portion out between the fence and driveway so that when you try to park you won’t accidentally slide into the fence. Be careful shoveling, too. A lot of shovels have metal points that can cause damage to the fence.

Falling Tree Branches

As the snow starts to pile in your yard, tree branches get weighed down and tend to break – especially if they are already weak limbs. Before any snow starts falling, have a professional trim the heavy limbs and ones that you think will break near your fence. You can also try to clean the snow off of the branches after it freshly falls, if you are able to. Surely you’d rather prevent breaking your fence rather than having to pay to fix the fence after the winter is over and snow is all melted.

Quality Over Price

When you want a fence installed, pay attention the the quality of the wood. Cheaper wood can become warped and break during the colder months when it freezes. The water expands and can crack in between the wood. Even if you do have a good quality fence, this can still happen. Make sure to stain your fence if you are concerned about it having damage from the cold weather. Try to use an oil-based one for it to properly do the job stain needs to do during the winter. Adding an extra coat can really help with keeping moisture out, as well as mold and mildew from forming.

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