Snow Removal Tips

We all know that winter has arrived, and it’s about time to put away the golf clubs and tennis rackets until next summer. No one wants to deal with anything related to snow, just like no one wants to deal with broken shovels or stop-and-start blowers. So let us offer you some tips that can help extend their lives just a bit… until spring rolls around again. When Spring comes everyone will be on their feet and ready for the first event of the year, and we hope you come to us for all your snow removal needs.

Make Sure You’re Using The Right Shovel

Try using a shovel that has serrated teeth along the angled or straight side of the blade. The serrated edges provide extra “bite” to easily tackle heavy compacted snow and ice chunks – which means less manual effort to get through it! Never push too hard – let the tool do its job. It’s also good practice to rotate the position of your grip every few strokes so you don’t develop repetitive motion injuries. Extend your snow shoveling time by using a long handled shovel instead of a standard size one. You may have been using the shorter version for many years without difficulty, but now you should realize that long handled shovels allow you to throw snow farther. The extra length also allows one to keep the handle lower to the ground (which makes it easier on your back) and it means no more bending down which can lead to painful back injuries.

Prioritize Safety

As always, please remember that safety should be placed above all other concerns. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing – gloves, waterproof boots or shoes, warm socks, etc – that will protect you from any unforeseen slips or falls. If at any time during the process you feel pain in your back or legs, make sure to stop what you’re doing and come inside for a long rest.

Use Salt & Sand Mixture

To treat unplowed roads and sidewalks, use a mixture of salt and sand. The salt will melt the ice and the sand will provide some extra traction so you avoid slipping. This is especially useful on stairs where standing on an ice-covered step can be dangerous. Just remember to not dump these granules directly onto concrete as they can damage it over time; we recommend sprinkling them along the path first and then using a shovel to gather them into piles for easier application.

Use a Snow Blower

invest in a reliable snow blower with as wide a mouth as possible. This means no more stopping every few minutes to break up ice chunks and clumps of compacted snow with your shovel blade – only to have those same chunks shut down your machine again! A wide mouth also helps you clear large areas quickly, so keep that in mind when you’re out shopping for your next snow plowing tool. Try to use a snow blower with an adjustable skid shoe, so that the direction of your throw is not entirely limited by how close or far away from buildings or sidewalks you may be standing. If there are other obstacles in the way, simply adjust the angle/direction of snow discharge using this simple tool – try turning it up towards where you want it thrown! This will help you end the snow removal process far faster, which is a good thing.

Hire A Professional

Here at Done Right Landscaping, we know that snow removal can be a very challenging task. If you’re not able to invest in a snow blower, then consider hiring a landscaping company during the winter months. This way, when the heavy snow starts falling you won’t have much to worry about besides staying inside and relaxing while we take care of your property for you! We also offer reliable spring cleaning services, so call us today at 781-858-8000.

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