Hey everyone, guess what? It’s warm out now! It’s time to throw on your favorite t-shirt and head outside now that it’s not bone-chillingly frigid outdoors. While you may not get as amped up about lawn care as we do, it’s now the perfect time to tend to your lawn. If your lawn is looking a bit worse for wear after the winter, it’s only natural to want to nurse it back to health. Take advantage of the weather transition and follow our tips on how to get your yard looking incredible this summer season.

Mow High

While it’s very important to cut your grass, you don’t want to cut it too short. Not only does longer grass feel a bit better on some bare feet, it also allows for the growth of longer roots. The longer the roots of your grass, the more moisture they’ll have access to when the summer sun sets temperatures scorching. Set your mower to one of its higher settings and you’ll soon see what a difference it makes.

Be Sure to Water

This is practically a no-brainer. Regardless of whether you’re cutting your grass long or short, your grass is going to need some help in the moisture department. The important thing with watering, particularly during a dry spell, is to keep the watering infrequent but deep. If you already water your lawn but do so in frequent, short bursts then the grass’ roots will grow on the shorter side. Not only isn’t this ideal for general grass moisture but it will also leave your lawn stressing during droughts. A good piece of advice to follow would be to introduce your lawn to an inch of water a week. This will keep it looking nice and healthy throughout the summer.

Don’t Forget, Your Lawn Needs Food Too

If you’d like to go beyond just low general maintenance, feeding your lawn is a great option. If you choose to do so, you should feed your lawn every six to eight weeks. The reason for this is because, by the end of that six to eight week period, your lawn will have absorbed most of the nutrients fed to it. So, it’s good to maintain that timeframe so your lawn is never starving. Besides, a lawn that is well-fed does a great job at keeping weeds to a minimum, allows the grass to grow thick, and also helps cool the soil which allows it to better withstand heat.

These are some pretty simple steps, folks, as long as you’re willing to participate in a bit of yard work. If you’d rather leave the job to the professionals, no problem, just get in touch with us! You can reach our team at 781-858-8000 or by filling out an online contact form!