Tips for Effective Weed Control

Weeding takes up a lot of time, and if you spend hours outdoors working on your yard, you’ll surely realize it. Learning how to properly deal with weeds can help you remove them the right way, or figure out when to ignore them completely. Here are some tips to help you better understand these yard pests and how to care for them when needed:

Leave Any “Sleeping” Weeds Alone

Weeds at the top of your soil are the ones begging for sunlight, but there are other deep down that are”sleeping”. Digging for weeds brings these sleeping and hidden weed to the surface of the soil, so just assume you are going to run into some anytime you dig into the ground in your yard. Only try to dig around when you need to and be aware of these sleeping weeds. If you are trying to get rid of dandelions and other weeds on your grass, use a knife and cut through their root without having to dig them up. This way they will die from not being able to soak up nutrients.

Mulch Is Your Friends

Mulch helps your plants by maintaining the moisture in the soil while keeping it cool, and it also helps with blocking sun from weeds trying to grow. Organic mulches can host carabid beetles and crickets, which seek out and eat weed seeds. Sadly, some mulch may be laced with weed seeds even though mulch it made to prevent the ground from growing any to the surface. You should add more mulch as needed to make sure it stays about 2 inches deep. If you are really struggling with weeds, you can use paper to block the light from the soil, such a newspaper and coardboard. Each yard and lawn can be different.

Weeding At The Right Times

After pouring rain, get ready for a session of weeding that will feel rewarding by using a sitting pad, gloves, and a tarp for collecting the weeds. When going after bigger weeds, use a fishtail weeder to pry up tap-rooted weeds, like dandelion or dock. When there is dry weather, weeds that end just below the soil line will dry up and die if you slice them with something sharp. Just like with the dandelions, use an old but sharp knife to sever weeds from their roots and add in any mulch where you made a hole.

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