Many people don’t think of mulching their yard in the Fall, but it can be a great idea. Mulch can add an extra layer of protection to your yard to keep your plants safe through the colder months. Fall mulching is preferred among landscapers and gardeners. Like in the Spring, Fall mulching will help keep the soil moist, keep weeds from growing, and prevent soil erosion. Here are some other reasons you may want to consider mulching in the Fall:

Fall is an Easier Time to Get Things Done

Mulching can take some time, and it makes it a lot harder to do in the heat. When you can do it on a cooler day or afternoon, it won’t be as bad! Spring and early summer is also a hectic time of year. Taking the time during the Fall to mulch can give you more time to do it and be able to do a good job. Fall mulch insulates plant roots. In the coldest areas, such as New England, the soil may ultimately freeze entirely in the dead of winter, but soil can cycle through freezing and thawing out throughout the winter. Freezing and thawing can stress your soil out, so it’s best to avoid it. Mulch helps to control the temperature fluctuation.

When Shouldn’t I Mulch My Yard in The Fall?

There are some instances where you might not want to put down mulch in your yard during the Fall months. In New England, snow can come at any moment once it hits late October. If you feel you can’t get your mulching done before then, you may want to skip out. You don’t want snow covering your freshly mulched yard – or almost done yard!

How To Fall Mulch

When you decide to mulch your yard in the Fall, cut your perennial stems until they are stubs so you can lay the mulch smoothly around them. If you like to leave perennial stems in the Fall and Winter, don’t mulch around this time. After you cut the perennials, choose a mulch that is able to trap air so that your soil gets some insulation. Place around 3 inches of mulch onto the soil and lay it flat. After that, the job is pretty much done! Take care of your yard and its contents by choosing to mulch in either the Spring or Fall. Done Right Landscape can be there to help!

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