What Happens to Your Lawn During Cold Weather?

You’ve spent all summer and fall working hard to maintain the beauty of your lawn. While the first snow can be a mesmerizing sight, it can cause some problems. Your once-perfect yard is now at risk. Knowing what happens to your lawn during cold weather is the best way to mitigate any potential damages.

Your Grass Turns Brown

Brown grass is not attractive, but its coloring does not mean it is dead. In fact, brown grass often means it is working to preserve water and nutrients over a cold season. Frost, snow, and generally cold weather signal to your grass that hard times are coming. Fortunately, your grass can survive if prepared for the coming season.

Snow Mold Damages Your Lawn

Have you ever heard of snow mold? You may think that the cold weather prevents any mold from occurring outside, but your grass is common for mold to grow in the snow. Snow mold looks somewhat like snow, as it can turn the ground white. It can also be pink or gray. Snow mold occurs when the snow starts to melt, and once it’s there, you can’t do much to get rid of it faster. There are ways to prevent it, such as spraying a preventative fungicide before the first snow. Consider using preventive measures to maintain the quality of your grass.

Winter Grass Keeps Growing

Some types of grass easily thrive in winter weather. Grass that thrives in the cold is labeled “winter grass.” Ryegrass will grow and stay green throughout colder weather. If you’re seeking grass to do this, ryegrass is the answer.

Some Grass Will Die

Unfortunately, with cold weather comes dead grass. You can learn everything there is to know about grass, apply it to your lawn, and still end up with dead grass. Preparation only goes so far. Nature takes over, and grass will die at times. On a positive note, grass lost in colder weather is rarely a big problem. You might notice a few small patches, but most of your grass should survive the winter. Getting dead grass to come back in the spring is a relatively easy task that takes little time.

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