While everyone here in New England typically loves the fall season, it’s certainly sad to see summer make its exit. After the days of continuous warmth and sun, the weather is slowly beginning to make a change towards colder temperatures and fewer hours of sunlight. However, just because the summer season is coming to a close does not mean your lawn simply stops needing care. In fact, autumn is the best time to prepare your lawn for next spring! During this time of the year, grass is readily absorbing energy, moisture, and nutrients in preparation for the long winter to come. By giving your lawn the attention it needs now, you’ll reap the benefits of a beautiful lawn come spring time. Utilize these tips before winter arrives!

1.) Continue to Mow Your Lawn

Like we mentioned above, your lawn doesn’t stop growing simply because summer is over. You should continue to water and mow your lawn, as needed, throughout the fall season. When fall is near its end, put the mower blade on its lowest setting for the last two cuts before winter. Doing this will allow more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass, which means less leaf will turn brown during the winter.

2.) Weed Control for Your Life

If dandelions seemed to invade your lawn this summer, now is the time to bring the fight to them. Like most plants, weeds are in energy absorbing mode throughout the fall. Since they take in most everything that comes their way, it’s the perfect time to apply an herbicide. By applying weed killer in the fall, the weeds likely won’t return come spring.

3.) Aerate the Soil

Autumn is an ideal time to aerate your lawn so that oxygen, water, and fertilizer can more easily reach the roots of the grass. Aerators can be rented for around $70 per day. If you have a large yard of about 3 to 4 acres, however, you can always elect to hire a landscaping company as opposed to doing it yourself.

4.) Rake

I’m not sure if anyone actually enjoys raking, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. Removing fallen leaves should be done as soon as possible, as in not when all the leaves have already fallen. Leaving leaves on your lawn allows them to become wet from rain and morning dew, which makes them stick together. Once that happens, they can form a mat above your grass that suffocates it and provides a perfect environment for fungal disease to breed. This is only a small list of the things you can do for your lawn this brief fall season. Putting in the time right before winter helps yield a gorgeous lawn come spring. For all other property maintenance needs, contact Done Right Landscape. Call us at 781-858-8000, or fill out our online contact form!

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