Which Type of Fence Is Best for a Dog Friendly Yard?

Typically, homeowners with dogs think to make their home dog friendly, all they have to do is install a fence. While this is a great first step, there are other things to consider. You want to ensure you’re installing the right kind of fence, specific areas are fenced off and that any fenced in areas are safe for your dog!

From wood to vinyl, there are various types of fences you can have installed. Choosing a type of fence will depend on the kind of dog you have. Chain link fences are common among homeowners and will keep other animals out of your yard, but you won’t receive a lot of privacy. For more privacy and to prevent your dog from barking at your neighbors, a wooden fence is your best option. Vinyl or plastic is a sturdy option that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

As all dog owners know, your four legged friend is a big fan of digging, but that can cause issues if you intend on having a garden. To help keep your dog from digging up your garden, install a fence around it. While it doesn’t have to be a big fence, you want to make sure it is a sturdy barrier between your garden and the rest of your yard.

As you install your fence, make sure to keep enough space for your dog to still be able to run around and get exercise. Keep some trees or shrubs in this area so he or she can lay in the shade after some running on a hot day.

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