Why Should I add a Stonewall to my Landscape?

If you’re looking to update your outdoor space, but have already loaded up on plants and greenery, try adding some hardscape. A stonewall not only adds a stunning accent piece but can also bring functionality to your landscape design. Used in both residential and commercial properties, a natural stonewall is sure to impress your guests. While colorful flowers catch your eye, a stonewall adds both contrast and definition to your landscape. The use of a retaining wall can create level areas, or terrace off unlevel ground. This can help maximize your outdoor space and give additional room for plant beds. It can be used to draw attention to certain details and give the property a clear focal point. With a large variety of colors, sizes, and textures to choose from, you can create a wall that best matches your outdoor aesthetic. The irregular shape of the stones add an earthy, natural look.

How are stonewalls built?

Stonewalls should be placed in an area far enough from tree growth, so that roots will not eventually reach the wall. The key to building a functional wall is a strong foundation. Your landscaper will dig a small trench where the wall will be installed and use a stone base for foundation. Backfill of stone aggregate is then added behind the wall to help with movement. If you’re putting the wall in an area where water typically collects, your landscaper may also recommend installing a drainage pipe behind the wall to divert the water to another area. Although stonewalls can be more expensive than a manufactured wall, because of the time required to fit together irregular stones together to create just the imperfect, perfect look. However, the natural handmade wall you end up with make it worth it. Be sure to discuss the cost variations for different materials with your landscaper to find one that will best fit your budget.

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