Why You Should Always Rake Your Leaves

For some homeowners, seeing the color-changed leaves in their yards can be a pretty sight. For others, they might want them gone ASAP! They look nice after they freshly fall from the trees, but after collecting on your yard for some time, you need to remove them. Whether or not you enjoy seeing the beautiful Fall colors all across your yard, raking and removing these leaves in beneficial to both you and your neighbors. Why should you always get rid of the leaves lying around your lawn? Here are some reasons:

Removing Leaves Helps With Lawn Health

When leaves cover the entirety of your lawn, the grass can’t breathe or get direct sunlight. Yes, grass has to breathe and get some vitamin D just like us! Let your yard get some air. It’s not healthy to have it covered in something other than its grass. Clean up those leaves, and you’ll see better results in your lawn when spring comes around again. If the leaves get wet or dewy, they can dry and get stuck to the blades of grass trying to grow. The leaves will block not only just air, but also nutrients needed for healthy grass.

How Often Should I Rake Leaves?

Leaving around some leftover leaves is not going to harm your grass. There will always be a few stragglers! But once you see that most of the leaves have fallen from your trees, that is the best time to rake and remove them. Also, see what your neighbors are doing. Have they begun their Fall yard cleanup? Are their yards free from leaves? Maybe that means it’s time for you to join in. Beware of leaves blowing into other yards if you are using a leaf blower to move them all to one area. Try to keep them in your yard to avoid any extra cleaning!

Mulch Mowing Your Leaves

Some homeowners choose to use a mulching mower to shred up the leaves into tiny pieces. Those finely shredded leaves can be used as fertilizers on your lawn and stop your leaves from blocking the grass. It’s all up to you! Whatever you feel comfortable doing for your lawn, you should do it. In all, removing leaves from your grass this fall should be on the top of your to-do list. Done Right Landscape is happy to help you with leaf and yard clean up and create a beautiful space to enjoy this season!

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