Why You Should Have a Fence Installed This Winter

When you think of doing anything to your property, you’d probably assume it needs to be done in warmer weather. Fences are the opposite! Get your yard ready for spring and summer weather and create a space to spend time outdoors. Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a fence this winter:

More Availability

When it’s wintertime, landscapers aren’t doing their routine landscape maintenance services such as mowing, weeding, mulching, etc. They have more time and availability to provide other services, like fence installation! You’ll have an easier time scheduling an appointment for a fence rather than having to wait during the spring and summer. You’ll also be ready to enjoy your new fence right when the warm weather rolls around! No waiting for installation during the peak warm weather.

Providing You With Privacy

In the winter, you most likely have a bunch of bare trees and shrubs that allow neighbors and pedestrians to see right into your yard. Having a fence installed in the winter can help give you the privacy that you might have already had in the spring and summer. When trees and shrubs grow their leaves back, they provide a natural fence, but if you want privacy year-round, we suggest getting a fence in the winter.

Fence Installation is Easier to do in The Winter

Many trees, shrubs, and plants are dormant in the late fall and winter months. Since these plantings are dormant and bare, it’s easier to install a fence without disturbing the rest of your yard. You won’t harm your plants or cause any leaves to fall off them!

No Disturbance on Yard Activities

If you are always active in your yard during the warmer months, having a fence installed when you aren’t spending much time outside will be a better option for you. Having the fence installed with no disruption to lounging in the sun or watering your plants will have you satisfied. Would you rather have your fence installed on the best warm-weather day of the week or in the winter on a cloudy, gloomy day?

Having Your Fence For The Winter Weather

When your fence appears to be rotting or breaking, that means you need a new one. Installing one in the winter will help you continue to have privacy and security in your backyard or front yard.

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