Winter Landscaping Tips

In the winter, many people don’t think to do anything to their yard or landscape. Snowy regions are hard to work with, because plants and shrubs become covered and non-accessible. Most plants and such don’t survive during the winter, anyways. But there are plenty of things to do for your yard to keep it looking nice during the colder months.

Sprucing Up Your Trees

Although the leaves have most likely fallen, trees play a big role in the look of a yard or property. The lovely branches and trunk are now your main focus and what you have to work with. Trees can be strung with lights, or left to collect the winter snow. Either way, trees are a very aesthetic part of winter landscape.

Winter Berries

A lot of trees hold onto your their berries through the winter. Use this to your advantage, because they look decorative and colorful. This can include holly with berries, crabapples, and more can add some flare to your yard. If you don’t already have a berry-producing plant, you can always add one to your landscape.


Evergreens don’t only come in shades of green, but also can be yellow and golds, as well as blues. Evergreens make good design sense in a yard, and make a great focal point. Working with two or more evergreens may be the perfect touch to your landscape. You can look at the variety of evergreens to determine which type would work best for your landscaping needs.

Relying on Hardscapes

Winter is a great time to determine what you want to add to your landscape to be ready for the warmer months as well. Adding to your winter landscape may not include plants or trees at all. It could be something like a bench, trellis, or sculpture. This way, you can figure it out during the colder months, so your yard will look its best in the spring and summer.

Working with Your Summertime Materials

Hanging baskets, window boxes, and wheelbarrows can be used any time of year – as long as they are sturdy enough to handle the harsh winter weather. You can add any sort of winter plants to these containers, such as Alberta spruce, holly, rhododendron, and evergreen boughs. This is an easy way to add some outdoor flare at a low cost. These plants can be covered in snow and still look great. Making your landscape look great this winter doesn’t have to take too much effort. Adding small touches can turn your landscape into a winter wonderland!

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