New year, new you, too! But you can also take this opportunity to improve things other than just yourself. Maybe you should start with your yard. If you can work on some outdoor projects, maybe starting a garden or maintaining an old one can be a start. If one of your plans for 2020 is to eat healthy, working on a garden can help you with that, too! Eating your own home-grown veggies can be great for your health. A garden doesn’t have to be just vegetables, it can be full of plants and flowers to enjoy. These garden resolutions can add some spice to your life this year.

Keep Gardening Tools Organized

Using the right tools for a garden is important, and keeping track of them is easy if you organize them the right way. Rather than just throwing off your gloves and having them land wherever, or setting down your pruners in a random spot in your shed, make a space for your tools. You’ll have a better time finding them the next time you need them.

Preparing For Pests

No matter where you live, you will have to deal with unwelcome guests in your garden. This can include bugs, deer, weeds, squirrels, and rabbits. Don’t let them stop you from having your garden, just be ready. Check for weeds regularly so you don’t end up picking a whole lot at once. If rabbits start eating your growing veggies, maybe consider putting a fence around the garden. If you have neighbors who have had gardens in the past, ask them what animals they seem to get when they’re growing. That way you’ll have a heads up.

Water Conservation

Saving water can be easier than you think. Mulch can help out a lot because it helps the soil hold moisture for plants. Add around 2 inches of mulch wherever you have bare soil. Another way to conserve water is by growing plants that are native to where you are living. They can thrive better without a ton of extra watering. If you have veggies growing, they will need more water than plants. Adding in an irrigation system on a timer can help use water more efficiently.

Start a Challenging Project

Trying something new when growing a garden adds to the fun. Whether it’s adding edging or making containers, you can make your garden stand out while looking its best. Possibilities are endless, and trying something new can help you gain more skills while feeling accomplished. If your project doesn’t work out the way you want it to, move on to another!

Enjoy the Outdoors More

Spending just 2o minutes outside per day can help you be less stressed, and add to your vitamin D! Enjoy your garden and watch nature around you. Even set up some Adirondack chairs and take a seat for a while. There are so many things to enjoy in the outdoors!

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